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American Thanksgiving here we come!

Next week Mark and I are headed to Southern California driving the well-traveled Route 97. This is the interior north-south highway from northern British Columbia to Weed, California. We have made this journey many times over the years mostly to visit my wonderful old father who lived in Tucson AZ. But this will be our first trip down south since he died in April 2018. Two years ago we made an agreement with our kids that we will always spend American Thanksgiving together. It is so much easier for us to find farm-sitters for Ravens View Farm since Canadian Thanksgiving is the second weekend in October. Canadians are always remarking “Thanksgiving is more important to Americans than Christmas isn’t it?” Indeed I reply, “Picture this . . . EVERYONE sits down to a Thanksgiving dinner on the fourth Thursday of every November. For one day we share a holiday that embraces the entire nation. Unlike Canadians who can have dinner on Saturday, Sunday or Monday!”

Last year it was spent in Montreal avoiding the pendulum swing of politics in the USA, but this year it will be in at my sister’s home in Ventura. So kids and sibs in ‘one fell swoop’ as my mother used to say. Delightful. Too bad the impeachment hearings won’t be on air next week to keep us company on the road.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!